Gujarati Weddings
Like all other weddings in India, Gujarati wedding too are fun filled ceremonies, allowing men and women to enter into a relationship where mutual trust and commitment are catchwords. These are the occasions where two bodies, hearts and souls become one leaving all their differences behind. The wedding ceremonies in this western part of India are a gamut of interesting rituals and practices followed with great reverence. So enjoy every moment of this most sacred occasion of life.

Gujarati Weddings

Gujarati weddings are best identified for its symbolic rituals. Like all other cultures, the weddings in Gujarat are ways to solemnize the relationship of a man with a woman. As per Gujarati conventions the bond of marriage makes the wife her husband's sahdharmacharini or an equal partner. Weddings here are considered as sacred affairs. The role of wife is more important as her role is instrumental in looking after all the household chores.
Rituals and Customs
Like all other Indian weddings, Gujarati weddings also have Pre-Wedding, weddings and post weddings Rituals.

One of the most important weddings rituals is Mandap Mahurat where families of bride and groom seek Lord Ganeshs blessings for a hassle free conduction of wedding rituals.

The other pre-wedding Gujarati ceremony is Jaan where prospective Bride groom comes to seek the blessings of his mother-in-law to be. This ceremony is meant to pay an obeisance her prospective wifes sacrifice she is going to make to join his family.

Among important Gujarati Wedding Rituals is Kanyadaan where the brides parents offer their daughters hands to their son-in-law. This ceremony is performed around holy fire amidst chanting of mantras. The other weddings ritual is Hasta Milap which symbolizes the sacred bond between two souls joined by sacred threads of marriage. The other important wedding rituals is wedding Phera or satapadi where bride and grooms takes seven rounds of holy fire.

Among Gujarati post wedding rituals are wedding reception, Vidai and Ghar nu Laxmi. In Ghar nu Laxmi ritual the bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law.

Special Features
Gujarati weddings are also full of celebrations. The various clelebrations of Gujarati weddings include dandiya ras, Sangeet Sandhya, Mehendi. The wedding ceremonies in Gujarat are also known for its dance performances where Gujarati culture looks at its best.
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