Punjabi Weddings
The people of Punjab are best known for their jovial way of life. Their fun loving attribute becomes more explicit when it is an occasion of wedding. Punjabi Weddings has their own charm as people of Punjab enjoy every bit of life. The various customs and rituals of weddings in Punjab are celebrated with full vigor and enthusiasm. The extended schedule of the weddings in this region has a great cultural influence over other cultures.

Punjabi Weddings

Punjabi weddings are known for its great pomp and show. The people of Punjab have a great love for their important events. This love for celebrations achieves a new height when it is occasion of weddings. Just at the par of other Indian weddings the Punjabi weddings are also replete with a number of rituals and practices. Each ritual of the wedding has great chances of merrymaking. Punjabi Weddings are full of vibrant rituals and practices.
Rituals and Customs
Like any other Indian weddings Punjabi weddings also features pre wedding, main day and post wedding Punjabi Ritual. Punjabi pre wedding rituals starts days ahead of main day wedding. The first pre wedding ceremony is Roka when two families sit together to finalization and commitment about the relationship between the families concerned. This pre wedding ritual of Roka is followed by other pre wedding rituals like 'Sagan and Chunni Chadhana'.

The main day Punjabi wedding is full of various traditions and customs. The main day wedding ceremony begins with the Chuda ceremony. The first main day weddings ceremony at the grooms place is Vatna ceremony. Besides there is other main day wedding rituals and customs. After successful completions of main day wedding ceremonies the Post-Wedding Punjabi Rituals begins. The post weddings rituals include Vidaai and Ashwirwad ceremony. After the couple is blessed by all the elders the brides brother accompanies the newly wed to the main gate of their home so that they can leave for the home.

Special Features
Punjabi weddings are unique so are their rituals and practices. What gives Punjabi marriages an upper edge over other is their fun loving quotient.
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