Weddings in Hyderabad
There can't be a better location for weddings than weddings in Hyderabad as this capital of Andhra Pradesh has all the things required to make your sweet moments a grand success. This treasure-trove of umpteenth of tourists attractions enable to tie the nuptial knots in a way nothing less than superb. The couples to wed can get a chance to come across interesting Telegu wedding ceremonies that are rich with symbolism.

Weddings in Hyderabad

Weddings in Hyderabad are a royal experience as the city is best known for the treasure of legendary Nizam of Hyderabad. And who does not know the famous Hyderabadi biryani. Weddings in Hyderabad are predominantly Telugu one. These Telegu wedding ceremonies are rich with symbolism and its significance can't be underestimated. The bride commands an important place in these ceremonies. As she is one among the two wheels of the marriage and called better half.
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Plan your weddings in Hyderabad as a moment to cherish for the lifetime. To make your wedding a grand success you have to work and plan well as Hyderabad wedding are full of exciting rituals. These rituals are pre wedding rituals, wedding rituals and some are post wedding rituals. The important pre weeding rituals are as follows; Muhurtam (the exact part of the day for the marriage), Pendlikoothuru(smearing the bride and the groom with oil and turmeric), Snathakam (wearing a silver thread by bride groom), Kashi Yatra( grooms pretends to be leaving for the Kashi to renounce this world and persuaded by brides brother to perform the marriage) . The other important pre wedding rituals are Mangala Snaanam, Aarti, Gauri Pooja and Ganesh Pooja.

The important rituals to be performed during weddings in hyderabad are Kanyadaan (Kanayadaan is that ritual of the marriage ceremony in which the girl's father gives her daughter to the bride groom) Jeerakalla-Bellamu (the couple apply a paste of cumin seeds (jeera) and jaggery on each other's palms), Madhuparkam(the bride and groom wear the white cotton wears) the other rituals are Sumangli, Tying the Mangalsutra, Kanyadaan, Akshata and Saptapadi.

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You can hire the services of professional wedding planners to arrange every thing of your choice in a best possible manner on your weddings in hyderabad.