Wedding rituals in the country have great significance in Indian social system. They depict the ways in which the ceremony has to be conducted. Such customs are not universal as they keep changing from community to community and region to region. For instance, the traditions in Hindu marriages can't be same as in the Christian religion. Same thing can be applied to other faiths in the country as well such as Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil.

Indian Wedding Rituals


India - the land of diversity - withholds within itself an extraordinary blend of culture and modernity. This unique feature can also be witnessed here in the various nuptial traditions. Right from the online searches to engagements or to the D-Day, they are belonged to joyous and a merry-making occasions. The bride and the groom can enjoy their hearts out as these practices embark in your hearts, the memories for a lifetime. In fact, such rites are the prime factor for all the zest and josh that one can see during the auspicious occasion.

Rituals and Customs

The customs for nuptial knots are a set of ceremonies that are passed on from one generation to another. They are not blindly followed rather possessed a vital significance, which is usually directed towards a happy married life. Apart from this, these sacraments guarantee to make the occasion an auspicious event. However, they also vary, depending on the culture and religion of the bride and the groom. Apart from this, regional differences also matter. Amongst all the Indian Weddings, the Punjabi or Sindhi ones are celebrated over a span of one week, whereas in the Christian traditions, the event requires much lesser time. Moreover, they vary among different castes and classes as well. In some of the occasions, they might be the same but different to perform

Special Features

These sacred practices constitute a major part of the entire ceremony. At the same time, it also requires some amount of preparation in order to be performed perfectly. We readily make arrangements for all that might be needed in order to ensure that you have a wonderful event.

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